Café Management

Our team has extensive experience in café management, espresso beverages preparation and menu design. We offer personalized, hands-on, step by step barista training.

Barista Training

Whether you and your team already possess basic espresso skills and are looking to correct your technique or are at the very beginning of your specialty coffee journey – our training program can help! On-site training, hand out materials and follow-up quality checks are provided. Over 1500 people have successfully completed our training and we are sure we can design the program for you and your team. Contact us today to inquire how we can help you elevate your coffee game.

Menu Design

Our team can help you create a food and drink menu that will reflect your values as well as help you stand out from the competition. With exceptional attention to details, personal approach and mindfulness of your resources and goals, we can assist you with designing unique and delicious food and drink menus. Don’t hesitate to reach out and find out how we can work together.