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Patriam Coffee

Patriam Sweatshirt

Patriam Sweatshirt

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Morning Pleasure Sweatshirt - Supremely soft and cozy, this garment is a classic crewneck sweatshirt made from sustainable bamboo. Made in a family-owned factory in Toronto "Good for Sunday" using high-quality ethical labor; designed by local artist Abby Nowakowski; printed by a family-owned Kingston company 'Specialty Trophies'.

Details: Ribbed sleeve cuffs and waistband.

Fit: Gender-neutral sizing in a classic fit.

Material: EcoBamboo™ fleece (70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton).

One of the most renewable resources in the world, bamboo is a grass that naturally replenishes itself and releases about 35% more oxygen than trees. Bamboo reaches a mature height of 75 feet in just 45 days, using 33% less water than cotton and without the use of pesticides. It's good for both the planet and for you. Bamboo garments are unbelievably soft, naturally breathable, moisture-wicking, and antibacterial. They're even hypoallergenic and UV resistant.

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